4 Easy Tips to Avoid a Cracked Windshield

Driving can be hazardous to your windshield’s health. After all, there are so many things beating against it all the time. Wind, rain, snow, sleet, hail and that is just the weather. What about dust, bugs, the occasional bird and the dreaded gravel or rock? Without the windshield to protect you, driving at relatively slow speeds could be quite dangerous and painful. Don’t believe me? Stick your head out the window the next time you drive for a bit. Don’t forget to keep your mouth closed. You car’s windshield is there to protect you – so make sure that you protect it in return – or you’ll end up with windshield repair before you know it.



The first tip and one of the most important is to give yourself a little bit more space. When you leave more following room between you and the car in  front of you, you are farther away from any projectiles that they seems to  kick up in their wake. Ever driven behind a semi-truck or another vehicle and you can hear the dings and hits as they kick up part of their load or just dirt and gravel from the road? Your natural response is to ease off the gas and stay away from them. When you give them a bit more space, the rocks seem to land in front of your vehicle instead of making contact with your windshield. While some trucks have mud flaps or other protective equipment behind their tires, it’s no guarantee. If you give yourself plenty of room from the car in front of you, that’s a good first step.


Don’t slam your door

Sudden impacts, something as simple as slamming your door can give your windshield extra stress. If you have a stress area, slamming the door can make a scratch you can’t really see turn into a crack or a rock chip turn into a bigger break.


Park in the shade when you can

Avoiding extreme temperatures on your glass will help protect your windshield. Extreme heat will weaken the glass on your windshield over time increasing your chance for windshield repair. Extreme cold can also impact your windshield.


Time your car wash

You don’t want to drive on through the car wash when your windshield is extremely hot. The hot glass and the cold water impact are a recipe for windshield repair.


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