The 411 on Paintless Dent Repair

So you’ve had a little trouble. Maybe you backed into the trashcans, or your kid’s bike, or the light pole. Maybe you don’t want to admit it and you’re blaming that person in the supermarket for leaving a dent on your car. Don’t worry! There are lots of ways to get out dents, and the best way is paintless dent repair. But what does that mean? Don’t I want paint on my dent? Of course, paintless dent repair just means that we are able to smooth, pop or fix your dent without needing to replace or repaint the paint in the damaged area. That means that our repair will be quicker, faster and best of all, cheaper!

So How Does Paintless Dent Repair Work?

The first step in paintless dent repair is determining if you are a candidate for this type of repair. Commonly used for hail damage, dings from doors, minor creases, large dents or damage to the body line, the application is limited based on the paint already on the vehicle and the dent itself. A good way to tell if your dent is a candidate for paintless dent repair is if the dent is shallow. Also, if the paint is not stretched, you may be able to use this type of repair, even if it is several inches wide. Sharp dents and creases may not be candidates – but you can bring your car in and we’ll give you a free estimate so you know for sure.

We then use specialized tools to restore the dent to how it looked originally, be working with the metal behind the paint, eliminating the need to repaint the vehicle area. Sometimes referred to as PDR (for Paintless Dent Repair) we can use these techniques to get your car looking pristine once again and making it look like your dent never even happened.

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