5 Tips to Help You Choose The Right Auto Body Shop

When you are looking to get your car fixed – whether it’s a dent, or your entire front end – you want to find the best auto body shop that you can. But how do you know if it’s a good body shop? Here’s five tips to help you pick a winner:

#1 Estimates. Does the auto body shop that you are looking at provide free estimates? A professional shop will always give you an estimate in advance (before beginning any work) and will usually provide this to you in writing. That way you will know exactly what are getting for your money. You’ll know what is included and what isn’t.

#2 Reputation. Does the auto body shop that you are researching have a good reputation? How long have they been in business for? Do they have referrals or testimonials from previous clients and customers? Are they well known in the community that they serve?

#3 Quality of Parts. What types of parts will they use to repair your vehicle? Will they be using new or used parts? Are OEM parts important to you? If so, will they be using those types of parts on your repair?

#4 People. You can tell a lot about someone and their business from some simple conversations. Are they willing to answer all your questions? Do you feel rushed or do they make you feel that your business is important to them? Are they busy? A busy shop can be a good indication that they provide quality work. Repeat customers help show that the auto body shop is performing at or above their customer’s expectations.

#5 Certifications. Is the auto body repair shop associated or approved by your insurance company if you have an auto claim? Are they accredited with the Better Business Bureau or other organizations? Do they offer a warranty on their repairs?

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