6 Questions About Frame Damage Repair You’re too Afraid to Ask

No one wants to hear the words that your car’s frame is damaged. Most of us don’t even understand what that means. We all know that a car has a frame and that it’s buried deep down somewhere we can’t see. But when we hear the phrase frame repair all we hear is expensive.

Here’s six questions and answers about frame damage repair that you’re too afraid to ask:

  1. Can I fix a bent car frame myself? No. An individual can’t fix a bent car frame all on their own. You need to use a frame straightening machine. You’ll need precise tools to determine the damage and to correct it.
  2. Can I get an estimate for frame damage over the phone? Not really. Any good frame or body shop really needs to see and inspect the vehicle so we can know what repairs need to be made. Without that, we can’t give you an accurate estimate.
  3. How do I know if the frame may be damaged? If you are driving your vehicle after an accident, even if it has been repaired and something doesn’t feel right, your frame may be damaged. Sometimes frame damage can be hard for the naked eye to detect.
  4. Will my insurance cover it? It depends. Was the damage a result of an accident? Even if you were the only car involved in the crash, let’s say it was slippery and jumped the curb. Your insurance company will still probably cover damage that occurred as a result of the accident, after you pay your deductible. Always check in advance and get estimates at a shop that accepts or works with your current automotive insurance.
  5. Is my car totaled if the frame is damaged? No. A car is only a total loss when the cost to fix the car exceeds the car’s worth. Some insurance companies use the rule of 80% of a car’s worth. Each company has its own policies. Check with them so they can give you the correct information.
  6. I was told my frame was intended to be damaged in a crash. Is this true? Yes! The frame on your vehicle was intended to crumple or bend based on where the damage was sustained. The frame is meant to take the majority of the force of the accident to protect the driver and passengers of the vehicle.


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