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Aluminum Repair in Paris, Texas

Aluminum is a material that has become increasingly popular with auto manufacturers in North America. It’s being used more and more for body components and frames, as well as hoods and deck lids. In particular, Audi has been using it since the 1990s and trucks like the Ford F-150 use a lot of aluminum for efficiency. Previously, a lot of cars were constructed from steel.


If you’ve been in a collision and your car is constructed from aluminum, you’re going to need special aluminum repair in Paris, Texas. It’s important to realize that aluminum is often more difficult to repair correctly than other materials such as steel. For example, it reacts differently when exposed to heat. You’ve also got to be aware that aluminum and steel are two materials that don’t mix. They actually fight and are corrosive when they’re together. You need an aluminum repair service that has the experience and expertise to repair your vehicle without causing more damage.


This is where Scott’s Collision Repair can help. Our experienced team knows how to deal with vehicles constructed from aluminum. We have nearly 20 years of experience in the auto industry; there isn’t much we haven’t seen before. While we can work with steel vehicles, we can also adapt and repair aluminum ones too. We have invested in the right tools and undertaken extensive training to ensure we can repair aluminum to its original condition. We also ensure there is no cross-contamination between these two materials. We have the skills to reshape the aluminum carefully and use proper techniques so that the safety of your vehicle is not compromised in our shop. The best part is that we offer a lifetime warranty on all our repairs. This means that you never have to worry about there being another problem; we’ll always fix it and ensure you can drive away happy.


If you’ve been in an accident or damaged your car, you need to seek quality aluminum repair. Otherwise, you risk jeopardizing the integrity of your vehicle. At Scott’s Collision Repair, we have serviced countless happy customers in Paris, Texas. You can always contact us for advice on your aluminum vehicle and we can take a look at the damage. Our team are always friendly and accommodating. You can browse our website to find out more about us. You can also schedule your aluminum repair online now!


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