How to Avoid Overheating Your Car This Summer

Summer is here! And in these long, hot days, keeping your car from overheating can be,and should be, a key concern for you. There are easy ways to make sure the vehicle stays within the normal temperature, and these steps can help alleviate some worry!

First things first: make sure you have a lot of coolant in your car. Coolant is made to make sure the engine doesn’t overheat; without it, an engine can obviously get too hot, but it can also cause irreparable damage to the engine that will cost you a golden goose egg to replace. Low levels of antifreeze can lead to overheating. Some owners will want to make sure the levels are right by themselves, but for many of us, getting the right mixture of antifreeze and water is a bit beyond our skill. Getting a check-up with a fluid replacement will put this responsibility into the hands of a mechanic, who can make sure that mixture is correct. At the same time, the antifreeze that is used to make sure the engine doesn’t overheat can grow dirty over time. Its cycle of continually cycling throughout the engine can cause this. Particle build-up in the antifreeze can cause an engine that has enough liquid still overheat. Simply request a change in fluids at your next check-up to make sure that the antifreeze is fresh and ready to go!

The next step that should be taken is to ensure that the radiator is clear of debris. Over time with driving leaves, dirt, bugs, and other debris from the road can build up, blocking necessary airflow to keep your engine—and you—cool. Make sure this is clear to ensure airflow is maintained. At the same time that you make sure the radiator is clear, check the radiator cap. The radiator cap makes sure that the pressure in the engine is maintained to ensure that fluids run through successfully. A radiator cap that is faulty can cause liquids to spill out, causing overheating.

As I said before, some of these items can be fixed by the owner themselves—in particular, making sure the radiator is cleared out to ensure air flow. However, for many of us at least, taking the vehicle to a service station to have the mechanic check all of the other items may be the best idea!

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