How Bed Liners Can Be Your Secret Weapon in Protecting Your Vehicle

You have a truck because you want to use it. A lot. All of it, including the bed. But taking loads to the dump, moving, using on the job site, hauling dirt or gravel, etc., all takes its toll on the bed. You give it a beating. It’s a truck after all right?

If you are looking for a great way to protect the bed of your truck, installing a bed liner can be your secret weapon. Not only can you use your truck the way you want to and the way it was intended, you can help protect it from dings and scratches in the paint.

The best bed liners are GatorHyde “polyurea” are a sprayed-on bed liner that extends the life of your truck bed as well as makes it look great while doing it. It protects against corrosion, damage and rust to the truck bed. The best bed liners are permanent, sturdy, tough and long lasting.

Not all bed liners are created equal. Some of the plastic drop in liners can chip, break or warp. Even worse than that is that they rattle. Ever wonder what that annoying noise is as you are driving down the road? You don’t want to install that.

One of the best features of your new secret weapon is the stipple texture. Aren’t you tired of your cargo shifting around in the bed, making a mess or making you climb into rearrange or grab things? The special bed liner texture not only helps protect the bed of the truck but also helps make it a great non-skid surface.

When you want something that is built to last, you’ll want to look at a GatorHyde bed installation. They are guaranteed for life, as long as you own your vehicle.

Take a minute to get a free estimate on a custom bed liner for your truck. We can install it in your pickup truck bed but it also works great for your horse trailer, boat trailer or lots of other surfaces. When you need a secret weapon for protection, you need a bed liner.

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