Bed Liners for Pickup Trucks

Why Do I Need a Bed Liner?

When you own a pickup truck, you want to protect that investment as much as possible while still having the freedom to haul all kinds of things in the bed of your truck. In order to keep your vehicle safe from harm while using the bed of the truck to its full potential, it may be time to think about installing a bed liner.

Think of all the things you haul in your pickup each day- cords of firewood, tool kits, furniture, rocks for the yard- the list goes on and on. Over time, everything you put into the bed of your pickup will take its toll on the paint inside your truck bed, causing scratches and dents. By purchasing a bed liner for your truck, you can protect the body of your truck and keep it looking new for many years down the road.

What Kinds of Bed Liners Are There?

Not all bed liners are created equal. Some bed liners are plastic drop-ins, which, as its name implies, are dropped into your truck bed. Drop-in bed liners cushion your load, which is handy if you are hauling any breakables or other items of value, as well as promote water drainage.

Other bed liners can just be sprayed right into your truck bed to coat the bed itself and protect the body of the truck from damage. Spray-in liners are permanent and easy to clean.

Other types of bed liners include BedRugs, which are cushioned roll-on foam bed liners which absorb impact, protect your truck bed from dents and dings, and can also provide a soft surface for your knees if you spend a lot of time kneeling in your truck bed. Best of all, a BedRug can be used for years. It can be a great investment and a knee-saver!

For a custom fit with no trimming required, you may wish to look into a bed mat. These durable rubber mats are tough enough to withstand anything you use the bed of your truck for, yet an inexpensive alternative to other types of bed liners that require more in the way of installation.

Bed Liners for Pickup Trucks in Paris, TX

Looking for help with installation of a bed liner for your pickup truck? Call the pros at Scott’s Collision Repair. We can assist you with finding the right type of bed liner to fit your needs, and guarantee a custom fit and great price! If you live in or around Paris, TX, Scott’s Collision Repair is your source for bed liners!