Does a Bent Frame Total a Car?

If you have experienced an automobile accident that bent the frame of your vehicle, you may be wondering if your car is completely totaled. In low-speed automobile accidents, you may not discover that your frame is bent unless a bumper is removed during repairs.

Trust a Professional to Assess the Damage Properly

You will be surprised and pleased to discover that a bent frame does not necessarily equal a totaled car! However, it is important that your collision damage is accessed properly from the beginning, or your insurance estimate may become compromised, adding more money and hassle to the already stressful experience of an auto accident.

Auto frame repair needs to be carefully assessed and executed by expert auto repair technicians. It requires state of the art diagnostics and employs auto repair technology specific to auto frame repair.

What Goes in to Repairing a Bent Frame?

The frame of your car ensures that many aspects of your vehicle are working correctly, including proper wheel alignment, that your tires and brakes wear evenly, and that your car drives smoothly overall. For all these reasons, it’s important that you take your vehicle to an auto frame repair shop that really knows what they’re doing.

A bent frame can be repaired in several ways. In some cases, portions of the frame may need to be cut and welded. This method is used primarily on older vehicles that don’t have a crumple zone in their design.     In newer vehicles that do have a crumple zone, there may be sections of the bent frame that need to be replaced

Long story short, a bent frame does not mean that your car is totaled. It does mean that you need to see a skilled mechanic specializing in auto frame repair as soon as possible. This is an area of collision repair that you can’t afford to skimp on.

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