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Collision Repair in Paris, TX


Scott’s Collision Repair provides the highest quality collision repair services available. Our Team Members work to stay ahead of the curve as vehicles continue to become more advanced. We are continuously reinvesting in our equipment as well as our team to ensure that your vehicle will protect you and your precious cargo the next time as good as it did the first time.


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Collision Repair

If your vehicle has been damaged in a collision, you could be facing many different repair needs. During a collision, autos can receive damages to the frame and internal parts. While some of these damages are obvious from the start, like broken glass, frame damage, and paint chipping, there are many internal parts that could have been damaged as well. With our experience here at Scott’s Collision Repair, we can repair all of those visible damages and the hidden ones as well.


Auto Glass Repair

One of the most common repair needs after a collision is your auto glass. No matter the extent of damage done during your accident, there is almost always some type of glass broken. This can include your windshield, side door windows, the rear glass, and lights. No matter which type of auto glass repair you need, we can get it fixed and get you back on the road. From minor chips to whole window replacements, we can keep you seeing clearly after a collision.


Frame Damage Repair

Collisions play havoc on your whole car. Especially the framework. When you have been in any type of accident, you probably have some kind of frame damage. The issue with this type of damage is that it is not always visible unless you know what to look for. Here at our shop, we know how to find those minor misalignments that can spell future problems and can fix them to like new condition. When your frame is misaligned, even slightly, it can cause further damage to other parts of your car and worsen over time. The more it is driven with this damage, the worse the damage will become.


Expert Paint Matching and Paintless Dent Repair

Paint chips and damage are a constant reminder of a collision. We have you covered here as well. With our expert paint matching and paintless dent repair, we can fix your car and erase all signs that it was damaged. Returning your vehicle to its pre-collision state and helping you to forget that it ever happened.


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When you have been in a collision contact our experienced team and let them get you back on the road in the style you are accustomed to. We will repair all of your car’s damage from glass to frame while maintaining your warranties and give you a lifetime warranty for all of your repairs.