The Difference Between a Windshield Chip and a Crack

When you have to get your windshield repaired from a chick or a crack, it can be stressful. But what is the difference? Is one actually worse than the other one? Is one harder to fix? We’ll answer all that and more down below!

Windshield Chip

Getting a chip in your windshield is no fun. Especially when you get it on your brand new car on your way home from the car dealership (don’t ask me how I know that). Sometimes there isn’t a lot that you can do to prevent getting them. Windshield chips happen. But how? Usually they result from a rock, gravel or debris being thrown up at your car from a passing vehicle or one you are following behind. The impact of the rock shatters (but doesn’t penetrate completely) a small part of the glass on your windshield. It leaves the potential of hundreds of tiny little lines to spread out on your windshield, if the conditions are right.

A windshield chip is actually pretty quick and easy to fix. After clearing the area, specialized technicians isolate the area and inject a special type of glass “glue” filler that helps prevent the chip from spreading. It’s important to get rock chips fixed right away to prevent the spreading of cracks. Cracks are much more difficult to contain. Most insurance companies will help cover the cost of three rock chips without requiring you to pay a deductible, making it quicker and cheaper than ever to get it fixed. Make sure you check your insurance policy for specific details.

Windshield Crack

A windshield crack is just what it sounds like. It’s a crack that can run, up or down or any direction on your windshield. It’s much harder to stop the spread of a windshield crack. These can also impact your field of vision and in some states it may be necessary to replace a windshield for safety concerns based on the location. Cracks can continue to spread and create a spider web type pattern anywhere on your windshield. Extreme changes in temperature, use of the defroster and other heat can spread cracks on your windshield.

If you have a rock chip or windshield crack, take a few minutes to get them repaired as soon as possible. It will help you delay the need to have your windshield repaired which can be expensive.

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