Driving Tips to Help Protect Your Windshield

Driving Tips to Prevent Cracked Windshields

We know what you are thinking – how could there possibly be tips that avoid damage to your windshield? As a windshield repair shop in Paris, TX Scott’s Collision Repair is well aware of the fact that windshield damage can sometimes be out of your control. However, there are also times where windshield damage could have been avoided if you would have just done things a little differently.

Example One: You Drove Behind a Hauling Truck

You were driving behind a dump truck hauling a load of gravel to a worksite. While driving behind the truck, some of the gravel fell off the truck and smashed your windshield. This is unfortunate. Assuming you can get the truck driver (or the company the driver works for) to accept that it was there fault – you may be able to get it covered through their insurance. Otherwise, you are going to have to use your insurance to pay the bill.

Instead of dealing with the struggles of who is paying for it and where are you getting it fixed, you could have just not driven behind the hauling truck. At the very least, you put several car links of space between you and the truck. Any time a vehicle is hauling something there is a risk it could fall off and go right through your windshield.

Example Two: You Were Driving on Gravel Roads

Now, picture yourself driving down a gravel road when suddenly a rock flies up into your windshield and cracks it. Unfortunately, this happens when you drive on gravel roads from time to time. The easy solution to this problem is just to avoid them. If you avoid driving on gravel roads and any other terrain with loose debris, you are not going to have anything to worry about.

As you can see, there are small things you can do (or stop doing) to protect your windshield while you are driving. Still have a few dings or cracks in your windshield that need repaired? Contact Scott’s Collision Repair today for your windshield repair in Paris, TX!