Hail Damage Repair Kits- Why DIY Isn’t Always the Best Option

Hail Damage Repair Kits

If your vehicle has recently suffered hail damage, you may be tempted to try out one of the new do-it-yourself hail damage repair kits in order to save money on repairs. Several home dent repair kits are currently available on the market, and if you believe the product advertising, the manufacturers promise results on par with what you would get from a professional paintless dent repair job at a body shop. It can certainly be enticing for busy people with no free time for body shop appointments to pick up one of these kits and handle their hail damage repair themselves, but before you go the DIY route, you may want to think twice and reconsider, since it would seem that the home dent repair kits do not always work as well as promised.

While home dent repair kits may work well on certain types of dents in specific locations of a vehicle, they don’t appear to be very effective on all dents you may wish to remove from your car. This news report from Oklahoma City tests the effectiveness of one such DIY kit, “Pops-a-dent,” only to not have it work at all on the dent they were trying to remove. Though positive reviews and client testimonials exist on Facebook and other media sources that assert the validity of this product and other similar dent repair kits, it would seem that with a DIY dent repair kit you will not be receiving the same kind of guarantee that you will get from a professional auto body shop. Additionally, unless you happen to be a paintless dent repair technician yourself, you will not be getting the level of experience and skill that you can count on when you use an accredited auto body shop as your source for paintless dent removal. Bottom line- going the DIY route may cost less and be more convenient, but only a professional auto body shop can repair your hail damage and other dents with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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