Why it’s Important to Have Proper Wheel Alignment

It is one of those options offered to you when you take your vehicle in for its regular service maintenance: getting your tires re-aligned to get proper alignment. Many people opt out of this option, getting an oil change and fluid check and driving away.

Yet proper tire alignment is one of the most important things you can do for your car, your safety, and your pocketbook.

Proper wheel alignment differs from car to car. A vehicle with a wishbone suspension will require a different wheel alignment than a semi-truck, and both of those will need a different alignment than a vehicle with standard four-wheel suspension. With the variety involved in the process, it is always best to allow a certified mechanic realign the tires for you.

Proper wheel alignment provides numerous benefits that you will want to take advantage of. The first advantage is that it allows the vehicle to operate as efficiently as possible. Proper wheel alignment’s effects on a car are actually best felt when the wheels are not properly aligned. When driving, you will feel a tugging to either the right or left, depending on the wheel that is misaligned. The opposite is true for properly aligned wheels, allowing you to drive straight, safe, and efficiently.

This efficiency leads to the next benefit of properly aligned wheels: it maintains gas mileage in your car. This is pretty simple to understand: the straighter and more efficient the car drives, the less work it will have to do. The less work it will have to do, the less fuel it will burn. Et, voila! Your car takes less gas to move it forward, saving you money.

Finally, properly aligned wheels can help preserve the integrity of the vehicle for longer periods and keep you safe. Remember the dragging effect I mentioned earlier? The more this occurs, the harder it is to control your vehicle. The greater the difficulty leads to an increased safety risk for you and anyone in the vehicle with you. Keeping the wheels properly aligned can save your life by keeping the vehicle running as efficiently as possible.

Ultimately, as I mentioned before, you will want to get a licensed mechanic to align your wheels for you. Unless you have sufficient knowledge of aligning wheels and working with suspensions, you may misalign the wheels on your own, which does nobody any good. Stay safe, save money, and keep your car as efficient as possible with regular wheel alignment!

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