What You Should Know About Visual Damage Reports

Visual damage reports are estimates taken by auto body shops and mechanics to set a price on repairing your vehicle after you got into an accident. There are numerous items that go into it, but how do you know what should and shouldn’t be in that report? Follow these tips to make sure that you get the proper repairs done to your vehicle.

What To Do Before a Visual Damage Report

First, before you even take the vehicle into the body shop there are some things you should do. Immediately after the accident, take photos of the damage to your car and the car you got into an accident with: this will help the body shop and, more importantly, your insurance company, to make the proper estimate.

Next, it is suggested to take the vehicle through a car wash in order to wipe any excess debris from the car. This can help you with further understanding the damage to your vehicle, the locations of the damage on the vehicle, and helps you take cleaner pictures for the body shop and insurance company.

Getting Your Visual Damage Report Done

Now to getting the actual report done by a body shop. Just as with medicine, it is always best to get multiple opinions. But don’t be immediately put off by one body shop using higher estimates than another. Look closely at the report and talk to the mechanic: what may be going on is that store uses newer parts while another uses “aftermarket” parts. On top of this, one shop could have the resources to replace an entire part, while another will only repair that part.

On top of these variations to look out for in visual damage reports, you also have to remember that the damage you see on the surface could be just that: surface damage. There very well could be damage that threatens the structural integrity of your vehicle. A mechanic or body shop will alert you to this possibility, and if it turns out that this is the case, it will add more money and time on top of what you are already paying.

It is best to take plenty of pictures and pay attention to what is on the visual damage report. Yet the most important action you should take is to ask plenty of questions. Remember, this is your vehicle and your money! Asking questions is an absolute must, and it will help you make better decisions.

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