Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair in Paris, TX

– More affordable than traditional dent removal
– Less time needed making it a quicker repair process
– No grinding, bond, filler or primers needed so your original panel is kept intact
– Preserve Your Resale Value
– Maintain Manufacturer Warranties


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Preserve Your Vehicle’s Value with Paintless Dent Repair

When your car has been damaged, the repair can often void manufacturer’s warranties and lower the resale value of the vehicle. All changes made to the original features of a car reduce the value of the automobile. The good news is that if your paint’s surface has not been cracked or broken, our technicians can repair the damage with a technique called paintless dent repair. This process is performed by specially trained team members utilizing special metal rods and hammers to push and pull the dent out gently, leaving the surface intact and dent free. The technique does not damage the existing paint and alleviates the need for priming and painting once the repair has been completed. This method saves you time in the repair of your vehicle while maintaining the manufacturer’s warranty and protecting the resale value as well.

Expert Dent Repair in Paris, TX

Dent repair is a precise process that leaves your car looking like it did before any damage. Often this procedure is performed with a procession of extraction, bonding, priming, sanding, and repainting. Each step in this process takes time to complete and dry before the next step is performed. One of the top benefits of paintless dent repair by our expert technicians is the amount of time that you will be without your vehicle is much less than that of traditional dent removal.

Another benefit to paintless dent repair, as opposed to traditional dent repair, is the cost of the repair. By avoiding the need for repainting and the steps it takes to ready a vehicle for the painting process, paintless dent repair has a significantly lower cost to return your vehicle to its pre-damage state.

We Are the Collision Repair Experts

Working with our certified technicians, not only do you get a flawless repair of damages, but you also get our guarantee. We pride ourselves in providing services that maintain manufacturer warranties and use our more than 20 years of experience to perform the repairs you need.

If you are in need of dent repairs, contact our expert staff to discuss your dent removal options. We will repair your auto back to the way it was before any damage. Erasing the damage and memory of the accident that caused it, giving you back the car you fell in love with while maintaining the manufacturer’s warranties and resale value.