Get the Best Collision Repair Services in Paris, TX 

What Are Some of Our Collision Repair Services? 

At Scott’s Collision Repair, we provide: 

Collision Repair

If you have been in a crash, your vehicle may develop issues that need to be taken care of immediately. We repair your vehicle’s damaged parts, including the visible and hidden ones, and get you back on the road. Get an all-inclusive service here.

Collision Repair
auto glass repair

Auto Glass Replacement

When a car accident occurs, glass is usually the most apparent damage. Trust us to also work on your chipped or shattered windshield, door windows, rear glass, as well as head and rear lights.

Frame Damage Repair

Has an accident damaged your car’s framework? The frame is the foundation on which your car is constructed. At Scott’s Collision Repair, we will find and fix major and minor frame dents to restore your vehicle’s look and shape. 

Scott's Collision Frame Repair
Scotts Collision Paint and Polish

Expert Paint Matching and Paintless Dent Repair

Paint chips and damage are a constant reminder of a collision. We have you covered here as well. With our expert paint matching and paintless dent repair, we can fix your car and erase all signs that it was damaged. Returning your vehicle to its pre-collision state and helping you to forget that it ever happened.

Our long-lasting spray-on bedliner protects your truck from scratches, rust, and corrosion. The best part? Our bedliner spray-on helps your cargo stay in place while driving. And you get a great-looking and stylish bedliner.

Spray-in Bedliner

What Makes Scott’s Collision Repair Your Best Bet? 

State Of the Art Auto Body Repair Shop​

Experience nothing short of the best service in the U.S. We use the best technologies, replacement parts, and procedures to restore your vehicle to factory standards.

Industry-Leading Technicians 

We have more than 20+ years of industry experience. Being one of the oldest collision repair services in Paris, TX, we understand what is needed to give your vehicle a new lease on life. All our technicians have handled dozens of repair jobs with good customer feedback. As a plus, we have helped thousands of clients with insurance claims over the years and will assist you too. 

Thorough Quality Control Measures 

We do not just repair your vehicle. We measure and test the results to ensure they meet the manufacturer’s standards. All our repairs are factory-approved. Moreover, we do a final inspection and testing once the repairs are complete before handing over the vehicle to you. So, you can be sure that the work we do for you is top-notch.

Lifetime Guarantee 

All auto body repair services come with guarantees. Our quality guarantee does not just cover the work we perform but also the replacement parts we install. So, drive with peace of mind, confident that your vehicle is new. 
Diminished Value

Diminished Value

Want to know how much your car has lost in value after an accident to help you file your insurance claim? A vehicle automatically loses some value after a collision. We have expert estimators to help you get the new value of your car and file compensation.