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Let Us Diagnose The Damage

Vehicle owners involved in low-speed car crashes are often surprised when they hear the words, “frame damage” or “bent frame.” While high speed crashes will undoubtedly result in a frame damaged from the collision, low speed crashes can also result in bending of the frame from the force of the impact. To make matters more confusing for the car owner, a bent frame from a low speed collision may be discovered when a bumper is removed during collision repair, which leads to an amended estimate for repair. At Scott’s Collision Repair in Paris, TX, our team of licensed technicians specializes in diagnosing collision damage and repairing vehicles to pre-accident condition, including frame damage repair.

Repairing a bent frame is a complex process that requires superior diagnostics, access to technologically-advanced equipment and highly experienced technicians that hold the expertise to return the frame to factory specifications in-house without sending the vehicle out for frame repairs. In some instances of frame damage, the frame must be cut and welded by an expert welder, which may be the case for older model vehicles that lack crumple zones to absorb the force of the impact. Or, with certain newer model vehicles, certain sections of the frame must be removed and replaced. Deciding the appropriate course for your frame damage repair and executing it must be entrusted to the expertise of the Scott’s Collision Repair team or your vehicle may never drive the same again.  

Why Choose Scott’s Collision for Frame Damage Repair?

When a frame has not been correctly diagnosed as being bent or a body shop has failed to properly straighten it, you may be forced to deal with some or all of the following:

  • Poor wheel alignment that cannot be corrected
  • Improper tire wear
  • Excess brake pad wear
  • Pulling to one side while driving
  • A sensation of the car being crooked

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