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Top 6 Signs Your Car Needs Collision Repair

Collision repair is about more than just getting your vehicle back on the road; it’s also about making sure it stays there for good. After all, who wants to go off-road in their car if they don’t have to?

What Is Collision Repair?

The process of repairing damage caused by an accident is known as “collision repair,” also known as “auto body repair.” If you own a car, chances are it has been involved in an accident at some point. The collision repair process transforms that destructive force into something beneficial for your vehicle.

Regular maintenance will keep your vehicle in good working order and save you money, but collision repair is required to keep your vehicle running efficiently and safely.

If you notice any of the six signs listed below in your vehicle, it may be time to consult with a professional about collision repair options:

1 . You’re Stopping Short When You Drive

One of the most obvious signs of collision repair is this. When your car’s bumper needs to be repaired, you won’t be able to come to a complete stop with a solid thump against the vehicle in front of you. Instead, stop short and then ease off again to take up less space.

This method may work if you are driving on a smooth road, but it will not work on a bumpy road. Furthermore, if you stop too soon on a hilly road, you may end up in a ditch. If you frequently come to a halt, you should have your car repaired as soon as possible.

2. Drop in Fuel Efficiency

It’s unusual, and it’s cause for concern. Driving in such conditions may result in more serious problems down the road. It is best if you seek collision repair services as soon as possible.

3. Your Headlights Flicker Constantly

You’re probably used to your headlights flashing on and off while driving, but you may not have realized they were also constantly flickering. You need collision repairs if you notice your headlights turning off every few seconds.

This is an obvious sign that your headlights need to be repaired. This problem is unlikely to occur if your car is still under warranty, but you should check with the manufacturer before having your car repaired.

4. You Hear a Thud When You Start Up

When you start the engine after having auto body repair work done, you should not hear the usual “thud.” Because the engine parts have been repaired, there is no thump to go with it.

A loud bang, on the other hand, indicates that you require auto body repair. You won’t hear that when you start up, though, because the engine has been repaired. Instead, you’ll probably notice that your car won’t start. If you’re parked, this is fine, but if you’re driving, you risk fines and points on your license.

5. Your Brakes Feel Squishy

When driving, your brakes should not feel squishy. If you notice that you can stop just fine with a firm thump but your brakes feel squishy when you’re driving, you may need collision repair.

In some cases, you may not even realize you have a problem until you step on the brakes and they fail to respond. This isn’t a good sign. Your brakes will not work if your vehicle requires auto body repair because the pads have been compromised. This means that you’ll have a difficult time stopping in the worst-case scenario.

6. There’s a Smell of Burning Rubber

Because auto body repair must be done in a controlled environment, a rubber odor is frequently a sign that things are out of control. If you notice a rubber odor in your car, get it repaired as soon as possible.

This is unlikely to happen during a typical auto body repair job because it is only likely to happen if the repair is not controlled. If you’re having a collision repair done, the rubber smell indicates that the air movement isn’t being controlled properly.

This is extremely dangerous, so address the issue as soon as possible.

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