How Does Vehicle Frame Repair Actually Work?

Maybe you’ve been in an accident and they’ve mentioned to you that your frame is bent. What does that even mean? Each car or truck has a frame that the car is built around for structural purposes. This is what the main components of the car are attached to.

Frame damage is more common than you would think. It actually happens in about 50% of all vehicle accidents. In fact, many customers are surprised at the amount of damage to the frame even in a lower speed crash. This is because the car is designed to take the brunt of the force to the frame to protect the passengers. The inner frame has to be repaired before any other work can be done on at the car. Think of it as the spinal column of a person. It needs to be straight and in perfect working order for the vehicle to work correctly.

Auto body repair shops typically have equipment that makes it easier, faster, cheaper and safer than ever to straighten your car frame. The equipment uses hydraulics and torque to pull and adjust the frame back to its original specifications. Auto body repair shops use these machines because the amount of strength and force to do it by hand is simply not possible.

First, your car is up on a platform for the machine to work. Then the machine uses either lasers or other sensors to determine the amount of damage it has sustained. This helps the company determine how long it will take to fix the vehicle and what the costs associated with fixing it will be.

Once they are ready to do the straightening, the vehicle is bolted in with clamps to restrict the vehicle’s movement. Then chains are attached to the points on the vehicle that need to have additional straightening. The machine increases the tension on the chains as it bends the frame back into shape. Once the machine has completed the pulling and straightening, it is reassessed to make sure that the frame is completely straight and that there are not additional issues. If necessary, the frame can be tweaked or slightly adjusted again to get the perfect specifications.

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