Does Your Vehicle Have A Paint Chip? Get Auto Paint Matched

We all know that we want our car to look its best. But it seems to just sneak up on you. A ding there, a chip there, a scrape here and before you know it, your vehicle is starting to get a little bit tired. If you have chipped or damaged paint on your car, truck or SUV, then you need auto paint matching.


What is auto paint matching?

Auto paint matching is when the technicians at your local body shop determine your car’s original paint color in order to match it perfectly when repainting any damaged areas. How do they do it? There’s a few different techniques, but the some are more common the others. Did you know that your car’s paint doesn’t really fade that much? The clear coat, which is the clear layer of top paint gets polluted, damaged or covered with contaminates, making the paint underneath look dull or faded. Just think of a base coat of nail polish – this is what gives the color. Then to protect the color, a coat of clear paint is applied. Automotive paint is pretty similar.

Your VIN number can provide detailed information about your paint color as well. If you purchased a 2010 Camaro SS in black, it’s pretty easy to determine the color, black. The manufacturer’s provide the paint color information. With other cars you might have something as detailed as “Red Jewel Tintcoat Metallic” which can sound overwhelming. Don’t worry, your trained auto body technicians know just the right way to match that paint.

Body shops have their own paint mixing systems or they purchase their paint premixed. Each paint code has a certain combination, kind of like a recipe that tells that paint technician exactly how much of each color goes into the paint to create the perfect color combination.

A trained technician at your local body shop will have no problems color matching your paint. So if you have a ding, don’t buy a spray can of paint at your local auto parts store to fix the issue, bring in your car so we can protect your metal while fixing those chips to give you a new car look.

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