Why Should I Use a Truck Bed Liner?

Why Should I Use a Truck Bedliner Paris TX Scott's Collision RepairThe bed of a truck is subjected to all kinds of wear and tear from materials for home improvement projects to recreational and work gear. Seeing scratches and dents can make even the most stoic of truck owners scowl at the damage. At Scott’s Collision Repair, our team of automotive experts recommends investing in a truck bed liner which is sprayed-on for these 4 reasons:

  1. Scratches can lead to oxidation and rust. A deep scratch scrapes away the layer of paint that protects the metal that makes up your truck’s bed. Once the metal is exposed to the elements, it can result in oxidation, rust and eventual erosion of the metal.
  2. Your truck bed will be protected from dings and dents. Scott’s Collision carries the GatorHyde spray-on bed liner for its lifetime warranty and superior protection from damage that includes dings and dents. Due to the polyurea coating system of its bedliners, your GatorHyde bedliner will have elastic-like properties making it resilient, crack-resistant and able to bounce back from hits with heavier cargo.  
  3. If your spray-on bedliner is damaged, it can be repaired. Drop-in bed liners cannot be repaired once damaged, which means you have to purchase another bed liner for $200 or higher. Unfortunately, these types of bedliners are prone to cracking and will require replacement. Yet, spray-on bed liners typically last the life of a truck, but can be repaired by trained technicians if necessary. For the cost of two drop-in bedliners, which never hold their shape, you can have a lifetime bedliner that is the ultimate protection for your truck bed.  
  4. A bed liner will preserve your investment. Whether you will keep your truck for the length of its life or sell it at some point along the way, a spray-on bedliner will help to keep your truck in the good or excellent condition category.

Paris TX GatorHyde Truck Bed Liners

If you are a truck owner, your first upgrade to your vehicle should be a GatorHyde truck bed liner installed by the highly experienced technicians of Scott’s Collision Repair in Paris, TX. Schedule a free estimate today by calling 903-785-2524 and learn more about what a GatorHyde spray-on bed liner can do for your truck!