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General Collision Repair

Our Collision Repair process

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Our Step-by-step Process

Drop-off or Pick-Up

If you have been in a car accident, you likely want to know how much damage your car sustained and whether you can have it fixed so that you get back on the road quickly. So, the first step is to drop it off at Scott’s Collision Repair or call us to arrange a pickup.

Insurance Approval

After the estimation and filling out paperwork, your insurance company will review everything. Basically, the insurance provider decides whether your car is actually repairable and, if so, gives the go-ahead for the repair process to begin. 

Inspection and Cost Estimation

Once your vehicle is at the auto body shop, we will perform an initial inspection to determine the extent of the damage and, consequently, the repairs and replacements that will be needed. From this inspection, we will be able to make an estimate for you as well as your insurance company.

Be sure that we have a qualified estimator on staff to thoroughly inspect the damage. And most importantly, they will help you with the exhausting paperwork. 


Once the preliminaries are done, it is time to tear down all the damaged parts of your vehicle. This stage, known as disassembly, is important in accurately documenting all the damage. So, our technicians can better understand what needs to be repaired, including the replacement parts we need to order.

In some cases, insurance may need to inspect the damage again in case some internal structural damage was not picked up in the initial assessment. 

Auto Body Repair

Now, the real work begins. Our full-service collision repair is thorough and attentive to detail. Our goal is to restore your car to factory condition. So, in addition to having technicians who understand your vehicle model in depth, we also have a specialized electronic measuring system assessing the repairs and replacements at every stage. Be assured that accepted industry standards guide everything we do on your vehicle. 

Paint & Polish

In addition to ensuring everything is restored to its former condition, we ensure your car looks shiny and revamped. So, the next step is painting and polishing. Our collision center has expert car painters and the best technology to find your exact vehicle color match. We then apply a fresh coat of paint on the body and all its replacement parts. 

However, this step is not a must, and you can still get paintless dent repair.


Once the paint job is complete, your car returns to our repair technicians for reassembly. Basically, we install all the repaired parts, including your doors, lights, air conditioning, bumpers, etc. After this stage, your vehicle looks whole again and is ready to move. 

Car Wash

Finally, we will auto detail your vehicle, which is basically washing and decontaminating your interior and exterior to remove dirt and grime. 

Delivery or Pickup

Your vehicle is ready for pickup or delivery wherever you are in Paris, TX. 

Don’t sweat it.

Your vehicle is in good hands.

Have you been involved in an accident that caused damage to your car? Even a minor collision can have devastating effects on your vehicle. Scott’s Collision Repair has the training, certification, and experience needed to restore your vehicle to good working condition after an accident. Our collision repair shop in Paris, TX, features qualified technicians, the best diagnostic technology, and high-quality parts. 

So, get in touch with us to start your collision repair journey today!